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Citibank responds to pressure from Indigenous leaders and environmental organizations with new Amazon policy: a step forward to address oil and gas expansion

New policy from the largest Amazon oil and gas financier will impact around 20% of their financing of the sector in the Amazonian territory

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Investors’ Support Remains Strong On Indigenous Rights Resolution at Citi, undisclosed at Wells Fargo

Votes follow a week of protests at US banks over climate & Indigenous rights

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Black and Indigenous Environmental Leaders Slam Citigroup for  Funding Fossil Fuels and Driving Environmental Racism

Actress and activist Jane Fonda and Sharon Lavigne, one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2024, joined the public hearing confronting Citigroup’s environmental racism.

The hearing examined how the bank’s funding of oil, coal, and gas directly harms Black, Indigenous, and Global South communities. It culminated in demands for Citigroup to immediately stop funding fossil fuels, publicly acknowledge harm the bank has caused communities of color, respect Indigenous rights, and invest in a just transition to sustainable energy.

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Investor nuns reject Citi Indigenous report as ‘wholly unresponsive’ in SEC filing

Investor nuns are warning Citi shareholders that the bank does not meet the demands of their resolution on Indigenous Peoples’ Rights.


Financial Times: UN warns banks that fund Saudi Aramco about possible human rights breach

Financiers of world’s biggest corporate emitter of greenhouse gases told they could be violating international law.


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